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Magic Ingredients
Lycium Barbarum 
Lycium barbarum is one of two species of boxthorn in the family Solanaceae from which the goji berry or wolfberry is harvested, the other being Lycium chinense. It is native to southeastern Europe and Asia also be a cognitive booster and heart health agent. It is sold as a health supplement, usually in raw herb, tablet, or capsule form and sometimes blended with other supplements. A meta-analysis which pooled four randomized controlled trials has confirmed various health effects of L. barbarum polysaccharides. Intake of goji among 18–72 years old resulted in statistically significant improvements in neurological/psychological performance and overall feelings of health and well-being
Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola rosea is a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Scandinavian herb touted to promote physical/cognitive vitality. It appears to be proven for reducing fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations. Rhodiola is also neuroprotective and promotes longevity in preliminary evidence. Rhodiola rosea is a herb in the rhodiola genera (Crassulaceae family) which has traditional usage as an anti-fatigue agent and Adaptogen compound, and rhodiola is likely the second most popular adaptogen (second only to Panax ginseng).
Panax Ginseng
Panax Ginseng is commonly referred to as the 'True Ginseng' (being the most researched 'Ginseng' actually belonging to the plant family of 'Ginseng') and appears to be effective for mood, immunity, and cognition; subpar for erections, testosterone, and exercise. How does it work?
Panax ginseng contains many active substances. The substances thought to be most important are called ginsenosides or panaxosides. Ginsenosides is the term coined by Asian researchers, and the term panaxosides was chosen by early Russian researchers.
Ganoderma Lucidum  
The Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most important medicinal mushrooms and one of the oldest medicines of humanity. It occurs worldwide and grows mainly on deciduous trees - its favorite tree is the oak tree. In German-speaking countries, the Reishi hears the name "Shining Lackporling", while in Chinese folk medicine as a magical "Ling Zhi" has been used for healing purposes for about 4,000 years. Reishi is said to have various effects in TCM: it is said to boost the immune system, have a positive effect on inflammation in the body and has been recommended for the treatment of many liver diseases.

Cinnamon  Extract
Cinnamon comes from a tree. People use the bark to make medicine.
Cinnamon bark is used for gastrointestinal (GI) upset, diarrhea, and gas. It is also used for stimulating appetite; for infections caused by bacteria and parasitic worms; the common cold, and the flu (influenza). Cinnamon bark, as part of a multi-ingredient preparation, is applied to the penis for premature ejaculation. How does it work? The oils found in cinnamon bark are thought to reduce spasms, reduce gas (flatulence), and stimulate the appetite. Cinnamon might also increase blood flow. Research suggests that cassia cinnamon is useful for erectile dysfunction.
Gingko Biloba  
High strength Ginkgo Biloba comes from the leaves of the world’s longest-living species of tree. The ginkgo biloba, or maidenhair tree, has survived in China for over 200 million years. Much of Ginkgo Biloba's research and interest is based around its use as a circulation aid. Increased blood-flow (and therefore oxygen) around the brain is thought to help maintain memory in the short term, plus this increased circulation may also benefit those who have cold extremities.
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